4 Easy Ways You Can Turn Healthcare Practice into Success


The healthcare system in India does have room for improvement with the Government contributing only 1.3% of the nation’s GDP into it – the average global contribution is 6%. A mere Rs. 3 is spent on healthcare every day. Also, the low availability of doctors creates a healthcare ratio of 1:11,000, i.e. 1 doctor for every 11,000 citizens.

However, there has been progressing. For example, the infant mortality rate has decreased to around 34 per 1,000 babies born in 2016 compared to 68 per 1,000 babies born in 2000.

The growing number of medical practices has increased accessibility to healthcare, especially in rural and semi-urban areas. Additionally, the quick availability of healthcare finance from NBFCs and similar financial institutions has made it easier for medical practitioners to establish and expand their practice.

Here are a few easy ways in which you can turn your clinic into success:

Hire the right people
The right employees – doctors, medical assistants, and staff are others who will serve your patients better and quicker.

You have to screen them properly, especially the assistants, to learn their strength and weaknesses. Also, hiring the best front office staff for your clinic can go a long way to ensure its success. Back-end management is vital to guarantee operational stability and flexibility. Utilise your medical practice loan to go forward with the best hires.

Establish your practice at the right location
Every individual in the country falls within the umbrella of healthcare. However, you need to set it up in an accessible area. The easier it is for patients to reach your clinic, the more successful your healthcare venture will become.

Opt for a location with efficient transportation and connectivity. Also, prominent business locations in a town or city will increase your clinic’s chances to achieve success.

Buying or leasing such locations can come at a high expense. Availing healthcare finance, in this case, can deliver the necessary funds you require for the same.

Buy only the latest equipment
Whether you are an ophthalmologist or dentist, you will need equipment for your practice. Installing the newest equipment will help you serve your patients better and more comprehensively. There are multiple reasons to upgrade your medical equipment if you already own a healthcare practice.

However, such equipment comes with substantial price tags. For instance, an Autorefractor can cost around Rs. 1.5 Lakh while a dental chair can be approximately Rs. 1 Lakh.

Opt for a Medical Practice Loan from leading NBFCs such as Bajaj Finserv to provide you with the necessary funding for such purchases.

Additionally, Bajaj Finserv has pre-approved offers which not only reduce time but also simplify the process of getting loans. Pre-approved offers come with home loans, business loans, personal loans, and various other financial products and services.

Develop a website
Online presence is mandatory to turn your healthcare setup into a success. Make sure to create and maintain a website of it. Market your healthcare practice online and offline to make the best of it. You can reach out to people and inform them about your services. A website will also enable patients to book appointments. You can even go further to include additional offline services, such as at-home medical care.

Combine these tips mentioned above and your medical clinic to see success in no time. Avail healthcare equipment finance whenever you need financial aid and ensure that your practice remains operational.

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