Career Options after B.Tech or B.E. Civil Engineering in India

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If you are someone who is attracted to design and construction and have a knack of creativity for the physical built environment then, Civil Engineering is the perfect career option for you. It is said that Civil Engineering is the second old and best engineering disciple after ‘Mechanical Engineering’ and was also known as ‘Military Engineering’.

Civil Engineers are the reason we have beautiful buildings in India and abroad like Taj-Mahal and Burj Khalifa. Even road construction, building construction, building construction, township planning, metro construction all are the workplace for civil engineering and pursuing students.

However, several students are still confused and often face questions in their mind like, ‘After civil engineering what can I do’, ‘What to do after civil engineering’ etcetera. However, higher studies like MBA courses after civil engineering are a good option, students who do not want to go for higher studies or remain confused after higher studies, we have a few career options for you:

Start your venture
There is nothing better than being your boss. A self-proclaimed ventured of a civil engineer is a market which is untapped and which is why has a potential of immense growth. You can ask your fellow civil engineers to join you, and together you can run a company, with all the practical and theoretical knowledge of your field. However, starting your venture is a difficult task and requires a lot of patience.

Higher Studies
One can also opt for higher studies like an MBA or in the related fields like construction or real estate engineering. The options which you can pursue post in Civil Engineering are:

  1. Structural Engineering
  2. Traffic and Transportation Engineering
  3. Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering
  4. Environment Engineering
  5. Geotechnical Engineering
  6. Construction Management
  7. Geoinformatics

All these options are right for higher studies and will instantly give your career a boost.

Apply for PSU’s
If you’re technically sound then applying for Public Sector Undertakings. To get through this, you will have to apply for GATE, and if your score is right, then you will be eligible to work in PSU’s.

Government Jobs
These days a lot of people are running away from the corporate sector to government jobs, for the sheer joy of working and stress-free environment. After you get your GATE score, you can apply at various PSU’s and government bodies, and from your good score, you will get a job.

A private sector Job/ Corporate Job
A job in various fields like construction, real estate, infrastructure and project industry can also help in your professional growth and your academic knowledge as well. As soon as you finish your bachelor studies, start applying at all major job portals and register yourself there to receive all job notifications.

RICS School of Built Environment provides MBA courses after civil engineering. If you are longing to pursue higher studies, then RICS provides MBA courses in various fields of Construction and real estate. To know in detail about their MBA courses visit their official website and register.

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