Top 6 Career options for Economic Honours Graduates

Economic Honours Graduates

Have you recently completed your bachelors in Economics, but are clueless about your future prospects? Trust me, you’re not the only one! Economics majors are in huge demand not only in India but also across the world for rapidly globalising economic scenario. Ahead are a host of career options after economic honours that you can pursue with your Economics degree in hand.


There are many consultancy firms which offer economic graduates numerous opportunities like working as an executive consultant, an economic advisor or as an economist.

An economic advisor has to conduct research, formulate plans and prepare reports to address economic problems. Problems which are mostly related to the production as well as the distribution of goods & services, monetary & fiscal policy. Plus, these jobs are counted amongst some of the highest paid jobs out there.

Corporate Law
Are you passionate about Corporate law? If yes, then it’s not too late as you already have an economics degree in place, just enroll yourself for a LLB program and you are set to become the next Harvey Specter from Suits!

The integrated knowledge of both Economics and Law makes you eligible for a potential career in corporate law.

Economic Journalism
A solid background in economics will prep you well for a career in economic journalism. How will Brexit affect UK economy? Will fluctuations in the US economy throw impact on global markets? You can work as a bridge between economics and the general public by analyzing economic phenomenon worldwide.

Banking and Financial Services
A Bachelors in Economics can enter banking sector very easily. You’ll the get to study the financial rate of interest and the effects of banking system. You can work with big institutions such as RBI and World Bank. Opt for this career, and see the money flowing in, literally!

Financial or Investment analysis are the classic job profiles for an economic honours graduate. As an analyst, you are expected to handle the process of risk management within an organisations and evaluate as well as predict events that might carry a negative impact on the overall financial stability of the organisation. And good scorers, you have an excellent chance to work for big MNCs like Deloitte, McKinsey and Bain & Co.!

Government Jobs
Various Government job positions open after attaining an Economics degree. If you are an aspirant of civil services who is also blessed with an Economics degree can run for the IES.

Economists working in this sector play a very important part in the creation and implementation of development policy & programmes, and also deal with other areas such as regulations, economic reforms, price fixation and monitoring.

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